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We're a non-denominational organization promoting the core values found within the Christian faith that unifies us all:  charity, hope, kindness, goodness, respect, honesty, commitment, determination, endurance, diversity and the togetherness of the human race. We're leading out alongside church and non-profit organizations to better improve and help communities around the world.  

For 2020-2021, we're fundraising towards giving support and supplies to local seniors during the COVID-19 crisis, activating youth in positive ways through our programs, sponsoring international youth initiatives, developing community projects in Uganda, Africa as well as feeding Toronto's homeless and vulnerable communities during our annual festival.  

We're always looking for pastors, administrators, departments, artists, non-profit agencies. corporations, interested community members and church-goers willing to answer the call to work with us and make a difference locally and abroad.

Please support and join us in celebrating 10 years with your generous donation and support.

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