VON 2016

Jan. 5, 2017

August 6th was a big day for the city of Toronto and for all believers! The atmosphere was powerful and as many local artists filled Dundas Square with the presence of the Lord and lifted up the name of Jesus. The day was filled with the Word of God, praise and worship, and great fun for the whole family. Many nations and cultures came together with a resounding sound, celebrating the Lord and displaying the diversity of Toronto. After the battle in October 2015, with the YDS Board of Management, God once again proved Himself to be faithful!

The weather was beautiful this year, providing ample time for families to enjoy the activities at the square. The children were excited as they displayed awesome acrobatics inside of the bouncy castle; Flips, jumps and dives – they did it all with finesse! The children also enjoyed face painting, lining up to become a canvas of art. While the kids were enjoying these things, there were children dancing and performing on stage.

As the night progressed we went deeper into the presence of the Lord; Upstream, Allen Froese, Trevor Dick, Krystaal and many local Toronto artists came out to share their love for God. All the artists performed a great show, electrifying the atmosphere and displaying the love of God through their praise and worship. The anointing was so strong in the square that many lives were impacted with many testimonies and healing.

In between the many acts over the day, there were scripture readings from the book of Genesis to Revelations – which were performed empathically, engagingly and artistically. This built up to a spectacular ending that was more than memorable. Alexander Best, the founder of THisToronto, and coordinator of the scripture reading, organized a powerful performance that revealed to the multitude in the square the power of God through the Word of God.

Peter commented “People were attentive to the Word being spoken. [Towards the end] there was a pause in reverence. The Lord’s prayer was prayed in many languages: French, Spanish, English, Korean, Cantonese, Arabic, and many others. The Hallelujah course was sung with two choirs, which captivated the people and the evening was capped with our Canadian national anthem. God’s presence was so tangible at that moment.” Peter also went on to add “This was the first year that we had scripture reading, and I believe that the words spoken will travel far beyond the four corners of the square and greatly have an impact in our city”.

None of this would have turned out so great without God who supplied our many sponsors:

  • Compassion Canada
  • Transformation Canada
  • Above all Christian Gathering
  • Destiny and Dominion Word Ministries
  • Joy Radio
  • YesTV

and many more.

We appreciate all your support in making this event a major success.

From the exciting music to the awe inspiring Word of God, August 6th was an inspirational day, that resonated the power of God throughout Toronto. Many lives were touched that day, many testimonies came from the gathering of Gods people and the presence of the Holy Spirit was present. Peter shouted excitedly “People didn’t even want to leave the square!”

August 6, 201 6 was a date God had ordained for the Voices of the Nations and for the city of Toronto from the very beginning. The event touch many lives and many lived to testified of the great impact the event had on their lives afterwards. The Bible says, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” Matthew 18:20. On this day, many believers from all cultures, nations, tribes, and ministry gathered together to glorify the name of God, and the presence of God was there among them.

Thank you God, and thank you Voices of the Nations for putting together such a wonderful event. We were blessed and definitely looking forward to the next event, and to next year’s event.

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